Gucci meets Tesla in the Pax 2 vaporizer — a luxurious, $280 device that’s going to be used by millions to enjoy cannabis without smoking it.

In this episode from The Hash, David Downs (contributing author for Beyond Buds) visits Pax headquarters in the Mission District of San Francisco, interviews founder James Monsees, and digs into the R&D and company culture behind the year’s best vape. The company Pax received a $47.6 million Series C venture funding round this summer.

Vaporizers are increasingly popular devices that gently toast instead of burn weed.  They give a similar buzz without all the hot, throat-irritating, cancer-causing byproducts of brute flame.

Over the past few years, vaporizers have become THE innovation in cannabis. Desktop vaporizers like the Volcano are in hospitals in Israel and California. Millions of portable vapes are in the purses and pockets of tokers worldwide. And the undisputed Tesla of vaporizers has to be the new Pax Two.

Much like what Apple did to mp3 players with the iPod — Pax is doing with vapes. They took a core technology — vaporization — and elevated its design and user-friendliness to create a revolutionary, blockbuster product.

Now, Pax maintains it sells herbal vaporizers for tobacco use only. But much like how smoke shops say bongs are for tobacco only — it’s a fig leaf over the reality. America’s ganja-lovers love the pricey Pax.

Here’s a video of how to use the Pax 2, from Pax.