And What Is A Vaporizer Used For?

There’s definitive scientific evidence proving that marijuana smoking does not lead to lung cancer… but that doesn’t mean it’s harmless. From coughing to infection to irritation, smoking is less than ideal.

So tech-savvy heads have been vaporizing marijuana since at least the 1970s by heating raw cannabis to approximately 365 degrees Fahrenheit — a temperature high enough to make the plant’s medicinal and intoxicating elements vaporize into a fine mist without combusting.

As a result, vapor enthusiasts experience an incredibly pure inhalation of the plant’s essence, including all the flavor, high and health benefits, without any of the problems associated with taking smoke into your lungs.

So no wonder vaporizers are a huge and rapidly growing business, with dozens of different designs on the market ranging from sleek little pens to precisely calibrated desktop models. In fact, along with the parallel rise of highly concentrated cannabis extracts, vape pens in particular have changed the culture.

Listen to The Hash host David Bienenstock — author of High Times‘ the author of The Official High Times Pot Smokers Handbook — detail what to look for in your first, or fifth, vape.