They don't have to smoke it, and it doesn't have to get them stoned

Every day, ten thousand Americans turn sixty-five years old — part of the epic, graying of America.

Baby boomers are now Seniors Citizens — with all the aches and pains of getting old. And these seniors have become the crucial swing vote for pot legalization.

But there’s a huge problem, pot legalizers suck at talking to older people.

Enter, Sue Taylor.  She works with seniors and medical cannabis and is certified by the State of California to teach the medical cannabis program to nurses and health care administrators for continuing education units.

“When I go in to any senior facility and I give the presentation to any seniors themselves, they resonate with me right away — number one, because I am a senior, and number two I tell them you don’t have to smoke it and the high is gone, and they become very interested.”

Taylor is a retired Catholic school principal and mother of three in Oakland who wrote a parenting book called “Who’s Running the Show?”

“As a young adult raising three sons in Oakland, my kids, I told them, ‘if I find it in the house, I’ll call the police on you myself. No drugs are allowed in this house’. And here I find myself flying all over the United States to help eliminate the stigma about cannabis.”

In the following interview with the Hash, Taylor details her path to becoming a leading cannabis educator, and discusses how and why seniors are benefiting from medical cannabis.

This Fall, in Berkeley, Taylor works to open history’s first licensed dispensary owned by a senior African American woman, and catering explicitly to seniors. She stands a good shot at getting it.

Take a listen below.