Lotions, oils, balms, ointments, and even sex lube all come with cannabis, and patients love it.

Marijuana “topicals” — medication applied to the skin — are fast-becoming the new “gateway” marijuana product;  especially among the cannabis-averse. There’s no smoking or high involved.

See, marijuana skin products don’t get you high, though a few companies make massage oils and “feminine enhancement products” in concentrations potent enough to confer a mild buzz through transdermal absorption. For the most part, however, the healing power of cannabis topicals remains within the skin and the underlying muscles.

Still, there’s huge upside potential for this market, as users relying on topicals for skin care, pain management and other health benefits spread the word about the power of cannabis-infused creams, balms, salves, rubs and ointments.

Seniors especially often find relief from arthritis and the aches of pain of aging when using topicals, which may inspire them to further explore marijuana’s medicinal benefits.

All of which means topicals are a new growth industry within a grow industry, including everything from entry-level positions mixing up batches of marijuana-infused hand cream and lip balm, to ditching the corporate world for a chance at building The Body Shop of cannabis skin care products from the ground up.

Best of all, this often overlooked niche has emerged as a rare female-centric sector of the all-too male dominated marijuana business. So if you’re turned off by some of the macho bro culture around growing and selling weed, or you’re looking for a less well-established part of the industry with plenty of room to grow as marijuana becomes increasingly legal and accepted, definitely investigate topicals—ideally starting with a canna-spa day spent pampering yourself with the highest quality lotions, oils, balms, creams, and ointments you can find! Hey, you’ve gotta do your market research, right?