The biggest, most credible rap act in America is Killer Mike and El-P’s Run the Jewels.

Their manager is Will Bronson, founder of Active Management, also manager of Berner, Kool John, and several other leading entertainers.

The Hash’s Max Savage Levenson caught up with Bronson for our music segment “High Five”, wherein Bronson breaks down the top five songs he associates with the herb. Plus, a bonus from Will’s brother Nate.

1) Dr. Dre – The Chronic
“I don’t think there was a more pivotal marketing play for weed at the time. That was just crazy.”

2) Berner
“This is not even a self-plug, by listening to Berner it just makes me want to smoke.”

3) Hozier – “Cherry Wine” (Live)
“In my adult hoodness of it all and being a dad … that song it seems really nice, calm and serene.”

4) Total Devastation – “Many Clouds of Smoke”

5) Master P
“Master P had a knack for always having awesome weed smoking songs.”

Bonus High Five, from Nate Bronson (Will’s Brother)

1) Master P – “Smoking Green is the song, yes.

2) Luniz – “I Got Five on It
“It was the ultimate 4/20 song. … Because way back in the day, the weed seemed like it lasted longer in a gram than it does now. … ‘I Got Five on It’ is a staple.”

3) RBL – “Bammer Weed

4) 11/5 – “Garcia Vega

“Those are four songs that were hitters when we were growing up.”