Learn what independent growers and breeders should be doing now — at the dawn of cannabis gene sequencing — in order to stymie a takeover by the likes of Monsanto when weed becomes fully legal.

The Hash’s Max Savage Levenson catches up on cannabis genetics research with Dr. Reggie Gaudino, Ph.D, Director of Genetics from Steep Hill Labs, at the cannabis industry’s first technology conference, the New West Summit in San Francisco.

Steep Hill labs is spending millions of dollars to gene sequence consumer cannabis samples, for free, in order to develop one of the first publicly available databases of cannabis genes. Cannabis genetics promise to unlock stronger, more vital, and more therapeutic strains of cannabis, including more high-CBD strains and the first strains high in other once-exotic cannabinoids like THC-V and CBG.

Dr. Reggie Gaudino spoke at the first-ever New West Summit in San Francisco — the cannabis industry’s first conference dedicated to technology, media and finance. Gaudino explains how every strain on shelves today will be considered open-source by legal experts, and what steps breeders need to take to patent and protect their creations.