Cannabis club playlisting with Paper & Leaf

Blues Traveler drummer Brendan Hill and partner Steven Kessler’s chic weed boutique, Paper & Leaf, resets the bar for cannabis commerce in 2016, we report March 2.

On this episode, Hill and Kessler delve into some of the classic and modern musical influences they most associate with their store’s wares, part of The Hash’s ongoing music series, “High Five”.

Influences include Parliament’s Maggot Brain; Pink Floyd’s The Wall; the atmospheric techno of Baltimore’s Lake Trout; and the Rolling Stones’ “Sympathy for the Devil”, errr, “Gimme Shelter”. Check out our other High Fives, too: including Run the Jewels’ manager Will Bronson, writer Joel Selvin, editor Ben Fong-Torres, and editor Steve Bloom.