Weed legalizers are hitting some unexpected headwinds this year.

See, income inequality is rising, and the American Dream — it’s dead. Legalization’s spoils are enriching the powerful, instead of the victims of prohibition.

High Times editor and VICE correspondent David Bienenstock keenly capitalizes on this realization in his new book, How To Smoke Pot (Properly),

The thought-provoking guide to getting stoned has more than just joint-rolling tips and great reviews from Vanity Fair, Rolling Stone, Slate and the LA Times.

It’s about how what’s at stake after legalization.

Bien’s book tour puffs across America this year, and we caught up with the busy co-founder of The Hash to talk cannabis capitalism, what’s at stake, and what stoners should do about it.

“The weirdness in pot is inherent in the plant,” Bien states. “It’s not going anywhere. Yes, there will be Big Marijuana [but] they’ll be sowing the seeds of their own destruction — unwittingly rooting this anti-corporate mindset within those who use that product, no matter how they obtain it. … So, I think, ‘We’re here, we’re weird, get used to it.’ We’re going to keep pot weird.”

Listen to the full interview below:

And buy Bien’s book by following this link.