So — last episode we went inside the weed suppositories trend with Matthew Gerson, creator of the marijuana sex lube Foria Relief, the follow-up to the successful female THC lube Foria Pleasure.

The Los Angeles-based entrepreneur turns out to be a chronic risk-taker. After dropping out of college in Boulder, Colorado, and spending a year living in the woods with no power whatsoever, Gerson started a successful condom business, before embarking on the Foria project.

Instead of giving us his top five cannabis-related songs, Gerson cited bands, and his selections offer new insight into the man re-shaping the look and feel of modern cannabis.

Here’s Matthew Gerson of Foria’s High Five.

And here’s the full story on the Marijuana suppositories trend, and here’s our first story about Foria from 2015.

Also, he’s some other High Fives, from Blues Traveler Brendan Hill, Run the Jewels manager Will Bronson, and famous Rolling Stone magazine editor Ben Fong-Torres.