Want to get Prescribed for Pot...Over Your Phone? Meet Hello MD

Hello MD, the young and quickly growing company that provides fully legitimate, online medical marijuana consultations, was born out of migraines. Frequent, incredibly painful migraines that kept Pamela Hadfield in bed for days. The cure she finally discovered was unexpected. “Once I tried cannabis,” she says, “not only did it prevent migraines, it actually helped me get off narcotics.”

Hadfield was not satisfied with her experience as a cannabis consumer, however: “I’m in my forties, I’m a suburban mom.” She explains that her local dispensaries didn’t cater to her demographic. At that point Hadfield was already working in the tele-health field, connecting patients to high-quality specialists via video chats, and the decision to pivot into the cannabis market came quite quickly; a full-on “aha moment.”

Hello MD launched last year and has already gained over 70,000 users in California (the only state where the service is available), thanks in part to its simple application process: provide information on your medical history, pay 49 bucks, join an online queue and then speak to a doctor. After your consultation, which Hadfield ensures is “completely confidential,” you will either be approved or denied for a medical marijuana card.

Since the application process can be done from the privacy of your home, Hello MD provides an opportunity for bed-ridden folks to finally gain access to medical cannabis. “I think about a patient who called us saying ‘I’ve been addicted to narcotics for the last 10 years. I haven’t left my home… Over past few months I’ve weaned myself off narcotics and walked out of home in first time in years,’” Hadfield recounts. “The notes we get from people will break your heart,” she says.

Yet not everyone is as thrilled about the rise of Hello MD – particularly the pharmaceutical lobby. Be sure to tune in to the next episode of the podcast, in which Hadfield pulls back the curtain on the industry hoping to de-legitimize her company, and the stats she has gathered that are giving them reason to panic.