Ready for a $600 vape of your own?

A career in cannabis was not what anyone expected for Seibo Shen, least of all himself. Throughout his childhood, Shen was constantly cautioned against smoking weed, or doing anything that would stand in the way of a proper career. “Growing up in an Asian household, it’s just serious,” he says. “An A-minus is like. ‘Alright Seibo, that was not good enough.'” And as for the stoners in his high school, he recounts, “they didn’t look like they were on the fast track to success.”

Shen’s first move towards deviance, and cannabis, took place after he graduated from UCLA. Instead of entering business, he took a gig as a Hollywood stunt double. He loved the work, “getting paid 70 bucks a day to jump off a building,” but it took a toll on his body. “Taking eight Advil a night wasn’t doing my stomach any justice,” he points out.

And so he turned to cannabis. The results were shocking. “Not only did it make my physical pain go away, but it also really opened up a more empathetic and sympathetic side of me,” he explains. “I was able to see things through a different lens…I really start questioning a lot of the things that I grew up with and then ultimately coming up with my own thinking framework.”

Fast forward a few years, past a series of jobs working in Silicon Valley, and Shen has started his own vaporizer company, VapeXHale, which is constantly turning out some of the most well-reputed, and expensive, models in the industry. What goes into making a $600 vaporizer? How do you justify the cost? Listen in to our conversation with Shen as he describes exactly what you’re getting when you purchase a VapeXHale, and where the company is headed next.