Dear Cannabis World,

We hope you’re getting excited for the 14th annual Emerald Cup! We sure are. The Mecca of cannabis, the Cup takes place this coming weekend at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds, and features hundreds of speakers, vendors and performances. We’ve put together a short list of must-sees below. See you there.

California Honeydrops (Saturday, 6-7 pm)

The debaucherous Bay Area-based dixieland jazz / swing ensemble is perhaps the least likely act to appear on the Emerald Cup bill, but with their tight arrangements and the magnetic vocals of front man Lech Wierzynski, they have the potential to be one of the most thrilling. While cannabis isn’t an integral part of the band’s image the way it is for say, Dirty Heads, their mix of charming and naughty tracks like “When It Was Wrong” will surely present some glorious moments to toke up.

Expungement Workshop: A Future for Felons Post Prop 64 (Saturday, 2:30-3:30)

One of the greatest causes for celebration in regards to legalization is the opportunity it hopefully awards Californians charged with cannabis-related felons to cut their jail time. Be sure to join the workshop with leading marijuana lawyers Heather Burke and Omar Figueroa about the particulars of the process, and where the inevitable challenges will lie.

Sunshine Johnston

After growing up in backwood communities of Southern Humboldt in the early 80’s while her mother led a campaign to save old-growth redwoods, Sunshine Jonhston currently lives on the banks of the Eel River where she owns and operates Sunboldt Grown and produces fresh raw cannabis infused food and drink and premium homegrown. Sunshine is chair of the Southern Humboldt Community Alliance and a founder of International Cannabis Farmers Association. She advocates an Appellation of Origin as the best way to preserve small autonomous farms in the hills of Humboldt County. Johnston also hosts Ganja TREE, Talk Radio for the Emerald Empire, a monthly talk show on KMUD.


Recently described by Time Magazine as one of the 25 greatest inventions of 2016, the up-and-coming hmbldt vape pen company has created a niche for itself by offering measured doses in all of its products. How do they pull it off? Simple: each pen vibrates once you’ve received the full dose! hmbldt pens are currently available in a handful of formulas, including a CBD-rich strain called calm, and a delightful indica called sleep. Be sure to swing by their booth in the Eden Hall of Flowers to hear more from them.

Damian Jr. Gong Marley (Saturday, 11pm-12:30 am)

Duh. The Grammy-award winning son of Bob Marley headlines the FlavRX Pavilion on Saturday night for what is sure to be a glorious set of reggae and rocking. Beyond his music, Marley has gained attention recently for his work at the Coalinga Prison in the Central Valley, which he now co-owns and is converting into a cannabis grow-and-extraction facility. Long strapped for cash, the investment has helped put the town of Coalinga in the clear, and will provide jobs to over 100 residents. “It’s a statement,” Marley told the Guardian US, “to grow herb in a place that used to contain prisoners locked up for herb.”