How exactly does one grow a global marijuana seed empire?

In the first of two conversations with the Hash, Swerve, the founder of the global marijuana seed company the Cali Connection, dives into his origins as a grower and purveyor, how he deals with haters and his pride in Italian pot.


After beginning his journey with cannabis in high school in the 90s, Swerve began amassing clones of strains like Bubba Kush, Skunk #1 and OG Kush. “Nobody had access to these things,” Swerve tells the Hash. “People were making thousands of dollars a pound of clones.” Around the year 2000, Swerve began selling seeds as well, and has since become one of the largest seed retailers in the world. Haters come with the territory, Swerve points out. Citing his Italian heritage, he confesses that he tends “to be very vocal” in response.

Swerve’s Italian pride goes beyond family and food; he is a big proponent of Italian pot. “What do you think grows in between those olive trees?” he exclaims, before launching into one of his countless hilarious anecdotes.

Be sure to tune in for the upcoming second half of the conversation, in which Swerve delivers an in-depth analysis of the seed game in 2017.