2018 is the year of the cannabis mother: she’s getting CBD massages, hitting low-dose vape pens, and savoring a good infused pate de fruit.

According to a 2018 study from the cannabis data crunchers BDS Analytics, based on a national survey, 55 percent of cannabis users have kids — just slightly lower than those that don’t partake.

We ran down some of the best 2018 Mother’s Day gift options for the East Bay Express this week, but we also ran out of room, so here’s even more options to celebrate the life-giver in your life.

For the Zero Tolerance Gal

Fun fact: Among cannabis consumers, 44 percent report using less over the counter medications thanks to weed usage, BDS Analytics reports. Cannabis checks more than one box for lots of people. Forty-six percent of cannabis users report using less prescriptions med, 33 percent report using less liquor/spirits and one quarter of cannabis users report drinking less wine.

Grab transdermal patches for pain from Papa & Barkley ($20, eaze.com) or Om Edibles Lion Balm ($9, getsava.com). Also try no-high Mary’s Medicinals CBD Capsules at Magnolia Wellness ($112). Or very mild 3:1 CBD Tincture from Treatwell ($68) and Prana caps 1:1 CBD:CBN ($29; Harborside).

Beyond wellness, the cutting edge of cannabis is cosmetics. Ali Kosta from manufacturer TSO Sonoma requests Kiskanu face oil, Leef organics CBD balm ($30), and Nooks and Crannies CBD soap ($18 at blum.com) as well as Kind CBD bath bombs ($18).

Buying clothes for mom are always tough, but Oakland marketer Kirstin Merit said put a good word for the Stella & Dot belt bag ($69) — “a perfect, hands-free way to stash and easily access my H. Hemp Breath Blast and Kushy Punch honeydew vape at concerts, festivals, trade shows and more this summer! Super chic and way more affordable than versions by Gucci and Prada!”

The Pax Era is chic and discrete for boss moms.

The Pax Era is chic and discrete for boss moms.

Weekend Warriors

Face it. Some moms vape. They can’t afford to smell like dank buds. Honorable mention goes to the TSO Awakening Sativa/CBD Blend 2:1 THC to CBD Ratio Disposable Vaporizer ($60, getsava.com). For the more ardent partakers: there’s the Select Forbidden Fruit elite cartridge ($40, mybpg.com).

But inconvenient truth: lots of moms like the smell of weed, long-after their tolerance is gone. Nowadays there’s mild-strength Puffs CBD pre-rolls from Bay Area C.R.A.F.T. ($10).

And, ahem, moms need orgasms, too. For an intimacy boost, cannabis wellness advocate Laurie Light with Ellementa women recommends the Kikoko Sensuali-Tea. No surprise, we also got requests for intimate THC topicals from Foria ($38 at 7 Stars) and Quim Rock ($50, getsava.com)

For sleep: Humboldt Apothecary’s Deep Sleep tincture ($56, goddessdelivers.com).

For food: shout out to East Bay woman-launched Marigold Sweets’ Fleur de Sels Caramels ($40, eaze.com).