The Hash is on Stitcher

The Hash is on Stitcher

What is The Hash podcast?

Since 2015, The Hash’s weekly podcast in San Francisco has answered the question: ‘What if NPR or Radiolab took cannabis seriously?’

The highly refined and distilled weekly show is directed by award-winning journalist and best-selling author David Downs, and produced by noted arts and entertainment reporter Max Savage Levenson. The Hash was founded by Downs, former High Times writer David Bienenstock and the Peabody Award-winning Ben Manilla Productions.

Our guests have included Bill Nye the Science Guy, Jay Chandrasekhar from Broken Lizard, Parliament Funkadelic’s George Clinton, ArcView Group’s Troy Dayton, Cali Connection founder Swerve, DJ Short, High Maintenance creators Ben Sinclair & Katja Blichfield, and many more.


The Hash is distributed via web on Soundcloud, and iTunes. You can get it on Android through Stitcher.


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David Bienenstock

SmellA columnist and frequent contributor at Vice Media, and a ten-year veteran of High Times magazine—including as West Coast Editor for the world’s best-known marijuana brand—David Bienenstock continues to travel the world writing about cannabis sativa, interviewing growers, doctors, dealers, smugglers, scientists, rock stars, patients, prisoners, politicians and philosophers, while covering everything from the Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam to the biggest pot fields in Northern California. He’s the director of the best-selling marijuana cultivation DVD of all time (Jorge Cervantes’ Ultimate Grow), and its sequel, shot on location in Spain.
The author of The Official High Times Pot Smoker’s Handbook and Legalized It! also makes frequent media appearances, including on CNN, NPR, and Fox News.

David Downs

david downs picDavid is the editor of Smell the Truth on, and writes the column Legalization Nation for East Bay Express. He co-founded the Marijuana Business Report in 2010. A freelance journalist based in San Francisco, Downs has appeared in WIRED, Rolling Stone, The New York Times and other fine publications. Downs is also a contributing writer for CULTURE magazine .Find him at

Ben Manilla

20131003_PortraitColor_BenManilla_daBen Manilla is an audio producer, consultant and educator. His numerous accolades include the Peabody Award, the Edward R. Murrow Award, the Edwin H. Armstrong Award, and the Grand Award from the International Radio Festival. Ben’s production company, BMP Audio, has been at the forefront of creative broadcasting since 1991. Ben teaches Radio Journalism at the University of California at Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism.

Max Savage Levenson

max savage levenson mug

Max Savage Levenson is a graduate from UC Berkeley’s Graduate School of Journalism. He’s worked for NPR, KQED, Paste Magazine and Bandcamp. He is the co-host of The Max Savage Show.